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13 angles Inca stone discovered at archeological site Inca Wasi in Huancavelica.

Thursday, 23 October 2014
Important finding was carried out by researchers of the stretch project Vilcashuaman – Pisco of the Qapaq Ñan

Researchers of the stretch project Vilcashuaman – Pisco of the Qapaq Ñan from the Ministry of Culture discover a stone of 13 angels carved in a hydraulic system built at the archeological site Incawasi in Huancavelica. 

This hydraulic system or of ritual handle of the watter counts of two sources of masonry, one of which presents the 13 angle stone natural of the hill locally named Incawasi, falling in straight and zigzagging way, through waterfalls, to the river Viscacha. The water that provide the Incas brooms comes from two nail eyes or puquios that brooms from the hill and go down to the mentioned river

Traditionally, in the Andean has been revered the needle eyes, the lakes and snow peaks, that are also understand as sacred place and of ascendancy. This ritual treat of the water goes further than agricultural meaning; signify important Andean symbolic value that the Incas promoted around this resource. 

In this way, the management of water intervenes in the identities construction determining the membership to a community and took part of the interactions that had the Inca with the Andean community. 


Is worth to mention that the archeological site of Inkawasi of Huaytara is located in a strategically site : the born of the river that irrigate the valley of Huaytara, that going down to the coast is becoming in an important effluent of Pisco river.