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Minister of Culture in International Seminary about Cultural Diversity

Tuesday, 04 November 2014
The meeting has counted with participation of the First Lady of the Nation and Permanent Forum Members for Indigenous Affairs. From the United Nations.

The minister of culture, Diana Alvarez – Calderon Gallo, participate at the International Seminary about Cultural Diversity, Alimentary Systems and Traditional Strategies of Live and agriculture (FAO in English acronyms) in Cusco

This activity has as target to recognize and put in enhancing value the contribution of the indigenous of the whole world to the economy development, social and environment by the knowledge, innovation and traditional sustainable agricultural practices

At the event also participate the first lady of the Nation, Nadine Heredia; the Vice Minister of Interculturality of the Ministry of Culture, Patricia Balbuena; the Vice minister of agricultural Politics of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cesar Sotomayor; The regional representative assistant of the FAO, Eve Crowley; and the representative in Peru, John Preissing.  

Also assisted functionaries of the governments from Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Canada, Unite State, Kenia, Etiopia, Nigeria, Congo, Ruanda, Camerun, Spain, Philipinas, New Guinea and New Zeeland. 

During the opening, the first lady of the Nation, outstands the significance of revalue the contribution of the indigenous peoples in agricultural and conservation of food likewise the incorporation of the knowledge of the farmers organization  and agricultural to integrate then in a new productive and modern system to the Country.

At his Turn, the Minister Alvarez – Calderon remembers that Peru conserves uses and customs of agriculture like sow in platforms and food cultives. Likewise the organization of this seminary with the participation of international experts in alimentary system and traditional strategies of  live. 

This activity will end with the Cusco Statement, that pretend reunite politic recommendations for the protection and the enhancement  of the agriculture, the traditional strategies of the indigenous peoples life and their system of their associated knowledge.