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The Ministry of Culture inaugurates exhibition on Qhapaq Ñan in Cerro Azul

Exposición sobre el Qhapac Ñan en Cerro Azul, Cañete
Monday, 31 March 2014

The Ministry of Culture , through the Project Qhapaq Nan - National Office, and the District Municipality of Cerro Azul opened the museum exhibition Qhapaq Nan in the Cañete Valley, in the Municipal Museum cañetano district.

The exhibition consists of photographs, agricultural products found in the research and infographics Huarco The archaeological site that is located in the district's main objective is to inform visitors and residents of Cerro Azul , and on the Inca Trail its importance in the integration of diverse populations in the past to the present

During the opening ceremony was also presented results qollqas Research Project conducted in the middle of the Cañete Valley during 2013 .

Exposure Qhapac Nan in the Canete Valley , was opened by the General Project Coordinator Qhapaq Nan - National Headquarters, Giancarlo Marcone Flores, who claimed that the sample consolidates research interest and work together with local authorities in the Cañete valley .

For his part , Mayor of Cerro Azul , Hugo Sánchez Ríos, Qhapaq Nan thanked the Project and the Ministry of Culture for the joint work on developing of the cultural and historical heritage of the area and delivered a sculpture of a dolphin.