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The Ministry of Culture recognizes the winners of the Ideas Contest of architecture for the National Museum

Wednesday, 23 July 2014
The Jury, composed by leading Peruvian and foreigners architects has given the first price to Alexia Leon’s works.

In a ceremony carried out in the National Great Theatre, The Ministry of Culture Dianna Alvarez Calderon Gallo, Price the winners of the ideas contest of architecture of the future National Museum of Perú that will be sited in Pachacamac.

The event, has as objective the collection of ideas to the creation of the architectonic pre project that will hostess the mean collection pieces of the Peruvian prehispanic period, There has been present close to 100 participants from which 30m has come to delivery they works, the works has been received until 30 of July with the authors names in a close envelope.

After of a hard work, the Jury composed by the architects Susel Biondi Paredes, Óscar Francisco Borasino Peschiera, Emilio Soyer Nash, Reynaldo Ledgard Parro y Sigfrido Herráez Rodríguez, declaires winner to the proposal by Alexia Leon. Likewise, the second price was gived to Juan Carlos Doblado and the hounorable mentions where for the participants Juan Carlos Domenech y Ronald Moreira Vizcarra.

During the ceremony, the president of the Jury, Emilio Soyer, highlights the valuable of the esthetics contributions of the winner proposal, the same as the correct volume used that establish relation with the sanctuary Pachacamac and the sea.


The construction of the National Museum of Peru will be the end of longing that has been delayed for long: To count with an emblematic space, that match with our country culture heritage. Will have an exposition area of 15,000 square meters and space to host about 500,000archeologyc pieces. Also will count with library, class rooms, and laboratories to promote a modern management scientific and educational of the national patrimony.