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National Chorus delighted public of Cusco with tribute to Alejandro Núñez Allauca

Monday, 06 April 2015
The concert organized by the Ministry of Culture was recorded live in the Cathedral of Cusco and will be reproduced in a compact disc.

In the context of its Golden Anniversary, the National Chorus reencountered with their public of Cusco in a concert offered together with the Symphony Orchestra of Cusco in the Cathedral of this historical city. The spectacle held by the Ministry of Culture allowed a well-deserved homage to the composer from Moquegua, Alejandro Núñez Allauca, releasing in the Imperial City the play “Misa Andina”, considered as one of the most important works of the composer and of the national repertory for orchestra and chorus. 

The first choral group of the country, directed by the master Javier Súnico, received a standing ovation from people of Cusco, who overfilled the historical religious space to listen to the selected repertory of sacred music that fuses Andean components with occidental melodies. 

The extraordinary chanted mass was composed by 24 sequences, including “Crucifixus” y “Et Resurrexit” that could impregnate the atmosphere with spirituality and withdrawal on the Holy Week.

At the end of the gala, the director of the Decentralized Direction of Culture of Cusco, Ricardo Ruiz Caro, gave an award to the National Chorus in his 50 years of creation and a plaque for the artist Alejandro Núñez Allauca who currently lives in Europe and was represented by his sister Jacobeth. 

The unforgettable concert that the National Chorus and the Symphony Orchestra of Cusco offered last March 31 in the Cathedral, was recorded live for a production of a collection compact disc.