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The Peruvian State and Private equity form Alliance to recover the chapel Virgen Purificada de Canincunca, in Cusco

Thursday, 26 June 2014
The Ministry of Culture and regional government of Cusco subscribe an agreement that will make possible the rehabilitation of a monument which is part of a National cultural heritage

The valuable Chapel Virgen Purificada de Canicunca, located in Huaro district, province of  Quispicanchi (Cusco) might recover its splendor thanks to an Alliance public private under the mechanism of act for taxes. The initiative is promoted by Backus and the world Monument Found (WMF) propose a new model of funding, this initiative was taken favorable by the Ministry of Culture , that has approve the proceed in order of complete the law o Protection of the Cultural Heritage.

The project of total restoring has includes the recovering of the house nearby, the cover of the front door, floors, , the wall, shrine and sculpture, the cost of this investment i s proximal 2 million soles.

The Ministry Diana Álvarez Calderón congratulate the promoter of this initiative “Alliance  públic –privates like this one, are an evidence of how an important role can performance the privet sector in the complex work that mean care and enhance its value our huge cultural heritage”, This is not an exclusive work for the State, but it most involve to all Peruvians” in her opinion. 

The law 29230 was created to reduce the distance of infrastructure in the country and promote the private investment. The Project under this schema of investment allows a several benefit, among then; to speed up the managing and set free the administrative charge, to the local and regional authorities and allows the privet capital to invest in the development of their community.

Felipe Cantuarias, Vice-president of corporative matters stress: we where the first company in executing a work or mechanism of act for taxes and now we want innovate investing S/.2.5 millions in the restoring of the Chapel Canincunca, wath will contribute to the economic, and touristic social development  of the south zone of valley Cusco.

 Mario Testino, President of WMF Perú ensure: Our mission is to save our heritage in a sustainable way transforming it in a development engines and benefit to the community. Thats why we are very satisfied of have been promote a new attractive way of funding, as it is deed for taxes. And is fantastic to have can apply this model system in Capilla de Canincunca because it will make possible to continue with the route of Andean Barroco.

I hope that from here on, other companies as Backus, will motivate to support together with WMF Perú, the recovering of our patrimony.

This agreement is good for each one of the villagers of Huaro district, because contribute to dynamize the tourism sector. At the same time it represent for the regional government a clear sample the fusion public private generate development for the region; we are sure that it will be many companies that will continue this great example. And our administration will be ready to help initiatives likewise




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