Direction of Citizen Participation

It is responsible for promoting and implementing actions for the formation of values ​​and changing attitudes in civil society for the protection and defense of our cultural heritage through promotion of participatory and responsible attitude between people and public institutions and private involved in their management, conservation and protection.

Involved Sectors

The activities and programs for civil society and the teachers sector aim to not only raise awareness and knowledge, but to prepare and empower people to be able to appropriate the assets responsibly around them. For activities aimed at public and private institutions, so the aim is to provide them with tools and knowledge so they can make more efficient and effective in the work of protection and wealth management work that concern them.

Citizen Participation: protection and defense of the Cultural Heritage

Citizen participation is the right and duty of all citizens to participate in the affairs of public life , and in turn , makes us demand information and knowledge, holding government (national, regional or local level) of transforming citizens into an actor informed and able to make responsible and constructive decisions , and more importantly, a strategic partner in pursuit of the general welfare .

The cultural heritage of Peru is abundant and the presence of material remains left by the various societies that emerged and were developed throughout its territory is innumerable. The vastness and dispersion of these remains are very fragile and are exposed to various natural and human factors that threaten its preservation. Therefore, it is necessary to participate in the protection , management and promotion of our heritage , not only through the prevention and control of the proper conduct of public administration , but also through the active participation of every well-informed citizen.

As citizens in the exercise of our right to participate , we have a duty to act responsibly and with full knowledge that our actions and decisions help or harm the protection of the cultural heritage of all Peruvians , regardless of socioeconomic , cultural and natural context . Therefore, the Ministry of Culture , through the Citizen Participation , has developed a series of programs that promote the collaboration of various sectors of our civil society to raise awareness among the population and invite them to become agents of change .

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