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The Ministry of Culture and Peruvian Japanese Cultural Association held a meeting of coordination to establish terms of the convention of institutional cooperation that will materialize the donation of the new viewpoint tower of the Nasca Lines.

The new viewpoint tower, to be located at the kilometer 450 of Panamericana Sur, will represent an important improvement in the cultural services of Nasca, in Ica region, replacing the old tower.

The Ministry of Culture and Yamagata University of Japan signed a convention of inter-institutional cooperation with the objective of promoting and executing actions of research, surveillance and protection of Lines and Geoglyphs and Pampas of Jumana. The agreement also contemplates the divulgation of these actions to institutions, authorities and general population in order to safeguard and protect them, in the framework of programs, projects and activities of research, protection and dissemination that are held.

The Ministry of Culture opened the Touristic Circuit in the Huaycán Monumental Archaeological Zone of Cieneguilla, located in the valley of Lurín River (Lima), a political and administrative center integrated to Qhapaq Ñan through a transversal path that used to connect the historical sanctuary of Pachacamac with Hatun Xauxa, Inca provincial administrative center of Junin region.

The Qhapaq Ñan – National Venue of the Ministry of Culture offered, for a first time, a workshop of Peruvian Sign Language (LSP – Lenguas de Señas Peruanas) in the region of Puno where subjects about social, historic, cultural and economic values of the Inca Rail and associated archaeological sites were explained.

The Ministry of Culture and its national directions will celebrate on April 29 the Dance Month with a special ceremony, in the National Grand Theater, where dance groups and dancers of great professional experience.

The Ministry of Culture, accomplishing the mission of identification of new creative industries and generate policies to benefit its development, has found in videogames a prosperous industry of constant growth.

The national film Viaje a Tombuctú obtained the prize Le soleil tournant to Best Full-length Fil on the 8th Peruvian Film Festival in Paris, award that motivates the Ministry of Culture to publicly congratulate the director Rossana Díaz Costa, who was distinguished in 2013 by the portfolio of Diana Álvarez-Calderón because of the quality of her cinematographic works.

The Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos (OEI), with the Ministry of Culture, call mural artists of the whole country to the National Contest of Mural Art “A diverse Peru in an interconnected world”, which seeks to recognize the artistic excellence in a democratic process where citizens will have the opportunity to choose the best proposal.

Seeking to promote the creation and dissemination of new national theater plays, the Ministry of Culture, in alliance with the Bank of the Nation, present the National Contest New Peruvian Dramaturgy 2015, a space of cultural promotion and encouragement for artistic creativity nationwide.

The Ministry of Culture to celebrate the Month of the Book with diverse activities that will be held from 15 to 30 April.

In the framework of this important date, diverse institutions as the National Library of Perú, Línea 1 of the Metro of Lima, the House of Peruvian Literature, the Cultural Center Inca Garcilaso of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National School of Bellas Artes and the Central Reserve Bank have joined efforts to celebrate and recognize reading as an inexhaustible source of information and ideas.